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Say no to personal data tracking, surf the internet without ads

It is frightening to know that your personal data can be tracked everywhere you go on the web...June 1, 2018

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How to block web advertisements and data tracking with just a few clicks...

As we all know advertising from Google, Facebook, and other large marketing companies are just messing up website pages and eating up all our precious data bandwidth, not to mention tracking the hell out of our private browsing history. It's time to stop these companies in their tracks.

Now it is possible to block all those annoying ads with just one application add-on or plug-in. It is also completely free.

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Adblock Plus is simply fantastic. I was very sceptical at first, but when I installed it for my Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, MS Edge, Vivaldi, and FireFox web browsers, all the pesky ads just disappeared. The download is a meagre 7MB and installs without a problem.

Here is the website address:                https://adblockplus.org/

Just select for which browser you want to download, or it will select it automatically when you enter the website. After installation, open the "Filter Preferences" dialog box and uncheck the "Allow some non-intrusive advertsing" check box. This will then block ALL advertising and allow for a clean and fast web experience.

MOST IMPORTANT - After installing the extension to your web browser, go to the options menu by clicking on the red "ABP" icon in the right-hand corner of the browser window, and uncheck the following option, in the General tab, to make sure NO advertisements get through.

AdBlock Settings

They are really sneaky with this option. But don't let them fool you... We've got this covered!

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Enjoy a free, quick, and fast web browsing experience without any advertising or personal data tracking. I totally recommend this application, it is a must have!!!

...Go Online and enjoy complete productivity freedom...

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