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Properly protect your computer against outside threats...

It is always a good idea to add protection to your computer against hackers and other diseases.August 16, 2018

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How to remedy this problem...

Ever wanted to sidestep the Overlords of the internet with some real military grade encryption? Well... today is your lucky day... our Picsel application is a single, stand-alone, non installing, portable application that encrypts any and all plain text messages or text files with just one click of a button. This application uses steganography, an unbreakable encryption method using only images as your key; no password necessary. Just load an original image, enter your message inside the text editor or load your plain text document file, and click on the encryption button. Now save the encrypted image with your secret text inside with a different name as the original image. All you have to do is make sure the other interested party has the same original image that you have when sending the encrypted image to them. This original image will be the key in unlocking your secret text message. When decrypting, just load the original image first, click on the Decrypt Image button, select the encrypted image, and that is it, your secret message will now be revealed in the text editor. To further enhance security you can now open different types of image formats e.g. BMP, JPG, PNG and WMF. You can mix and match your original images and you will still keep your text messages intact and secure. Now enjoy sending all your communications in encrypted format that NOBODY can read...

I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate on my computer. I was on Windows 10, but it crashed every time it updated itself. So to fix my computer, I bought Windows 7 Ultimate x64 for $7 on E-Bay, not a bad idea in my opinion...   :-)

To protect myself from online hacking or any other threats and diseases, I am currently running the following apps:

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