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How to secure your online communications from the Overlords, BigTech, and your favourite Government Security Agency...

All online communications are being monitored by every intelligence agency on the planet.March 15, 2023

How to secure your online communications from the Overlords, BigTech, and your favourite Government Security Agency... All online communications are being monitored by every intelligence agency on the planet.

Prevent your online communications from being monitored and intercepted...

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These days it is becoming more and more difficult to initiate proper secure online communications without the Overlords, BigTech, and your local government agency trying to listen in. Almost all Western governments are now making it illegal to use encrypted peer-to-peer communications for private use e.g. USA, UK, EU etc.

Currently the White House is pushing to renew the controversial spying law "Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act" that allows US agencies to spy on anyone, anywhere!

While the law is explicitly intended to surveil foreigners, it has been used to monitor millions of Americans. Section 702 of the 2008 amendment to the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, legalized the Bush administration’s secret wiretapping program, allowing US intelligence agencies to monitor messages from abroad made through American networks like Google. Set to expire at the end of this year(2023), the White House is already pushing lawmakers toward its renewal.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) found that the FBI alone made “fewer than 3,394,053” queries of US citizens between December 2020 and November 2021, based on data obtained under Section 702.

{ New Update 2023-03-07 }

The Department of Homeland Security has for years run an almost unknown program gathering domestic intelligence that a significant number of employees are concerned could be illegal, Politico reported Monday after reviewing a wide-ranging tranche of internal documents.

Under the domestic-intelligence program, run by the DHS's Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A), officials are permitted to pursue interviews with almost anyone in the United States, including those held in immigrant detention centers, local jails, and federal prison. Read More Here...

Other Countries...

The E.U. is also currently in the last stages of submitting a final draft of a new law that will force all I.S.P. and network operators to execute deep-packet-inspections on all data movement inside the E.U. for all E.U. citizens. The same can be said for the U.K. government, as they are now negotiating with online messaging websites e.g. Signal, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. to give them a backdoor or full access into all of their available method of communications.

Has anybody read the book "1984" yet?

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We have already said this in a previous blog post, that securing your digital communications is the most important right that any individual has in this world. It is also this reason as to why we created our online network communications software and why we are currently the world leaders in offline server-less network communications.

All our communications software can be run offline without the need for an online server. This enables all our software to be used on any LAN (local area network) or Wi-Fi network connected to your computer to run completely server-less. It is also much more secure and faster to run without any costs attached.

If you have advanced knowledge of networking and secure online VPN configurations, it is also possible to run our communications software over a direct internet connection in peer-2-peer setup. Our software only needs an IPv4 address to create a connection to start communications.

To start securing your communications, you must secure your online connection first. Protect yourself by modifying your web browser's internal security settings and network connection. Read this blog post before you do anything else!

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We have many software options when it comes to LAN video calling, internal e-mail transmissions, and direct data transfers between connected computers.

You may discover all our available free software options here in our Communications Category. They are all server-less and may be used on any Windows computer, from Windows 95 right up to Windows 11 and beyond.

All but one of our video calling applications are based upon Windows's Video Framework. This means that you must make sure you have the correct codecs installed for proper functioning of our video calling applications. Our applications don't support mpeg codecs, usually the best codecs to use are RGB, i420, and YUY2. Simply open the settings window that is present in each application and select the correct codec that is available on your system.

We have one video application, SSuite UltraCam Video Phone, that runs directly of the DirectX platform for best user experience and performance. This allows our application to run independently from any codec that is currently installed on your system. It also allows our video application to run video and audio at real-time speed(30FPS).

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At this time there are only a few ways in communicating securely online, by using the following apps e.g. ProtonMail, Telegram, and Threema. Most people are already using Telegram on their smartphones, which is free to use, and the other two are just as easy to use, whether you are on your smartphone or desktop computer. What most people also don't know is that Telegram is also now capable of letting you initiate video calls directly from your desktop or laptop computer to any other devices e.g. smartphones, tablets etc. Threema requires a one time purchase in order to use it. It may be found in any app-store.

ProtonMail is also free for use and has many other attached services for you to use that will most certainly secure all your online communications. ProtonMail enables quantum-encryption to secure all e-mails from prying eyes. ProtonVPN for example is another fantastic application to use when surfing the internet. Nobody will ever see what your doing or where you are going on the internet with their VPN software. They also don't keep any logs for your own security.

This makes it much more convenient in communicating securely with people all over the world right from your desktop/laptop computer or smartphone!

ProtonVPN is currently the leading free VPN service, with unlimited bandwidth, to use on your online internet connection. Just for your information, ProtonVPN is also available for Android and Apple smartphones!

Encrypted VPN services are so secure that the German government has recently(Feb 2023) made an official statement that too many Germans are using VPN services for their liking, especially when the German government is trying to spy on their online communications and surfing activities. It has apparently made their efforts to spy on their own citizens so much more harder to accomplish... bastards!

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So here are the final steps to take to secure your online presence:

Most important to take note of is our serverless and cloudless software that is absolutely free and completely safe to use because... the CLOUD is no longer private or safe for work!

The above measures will ensure that nobody will ever be able to infringe on your online privacy ever again, not even your favourite government security agency... 😏

If you are paranoid by nature, like me, or wish for the ultimate security in your online communications, encrypting your data, e-mails, or text messaging locally is the only way to go. We have both desktop and online options for you to use. They are all able to encrypt in AES 128bit,192bit, and the full 256bit encryption states. The encryption bit-rate depends on the length of your key or password that you use.

If you wish to use the full 256bit encryption state(that's my default choice every time), then you simply need to use a Pass-Phrase e.g. "My password is secret" instead of a key or password e.g. "!@#$%:{;" or "Blinky".

To use any of our desktop or online security software, simply click here to go to our "Security Tools" category. You may also read more here about our security and encryption software.

Good luck with staying safe and secure from the Overlords, BigTech, and your own invasive government security agencies.

At the time of writing this blog post, all of the above mentioned software and applications were completely legal to use on any device, so far...

{ New Update 2023-05-01 }

  • The Brazilian government bans Telegram
  • The Indian government bans 14 messenger apps including Element, Briar and Threema!

Time to fight back...

...Go Online and enjoy complete productivity freedom...

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