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End the madness and STOP using proprietary document formats!

It is unthinkable that we still have to fight Microsoft to get our way.February 7, 2020

End the madness and STOP using proprietary document formats! SSuite Office Article Header Image.

How to stay compatible with everyone without Microsoft...

This is a big yet simple question, as MS Office is the defacto standard around the world. Support true compatible document standards and set yourself free from Tech tyranny...


Free Word Processors from SSuite Office!

You may have noticed that there are no docx or xlsx document formats supported in our applications. This is because in order to support any MS Office document format, we require a very expensive license {...in the million$...} from Microsoft for each format!

The reason for this is that they are all proprietary patented formats. So you may ask us this then; "...but what about the other open source, free, and retail office suites that claim to be 100% compatible?...". Well, their document formats are all cracked or reverse engineered versions of the original format and are NOT 100% compatible with the original MS Office document formats. None of them are, except Google Docs, as far as I know.

OpenOffice's own document formats are also not even compatible with other open source document formats of the same type. This is because the open source community never set a fixed technical specification's guide for their own document formats. So their formats odf / odt are also not 100% compatible with software supporting these formats.


 Important Update!

Using HTML5 as a document format for absolute compatibility


Every Microsoft Excel workbook created in any of our spreadsheet applications are fully compatible with any spreadsheet application that can open and read the Microsoft Excel file format.

Our own presentation document format "SSP" can be opened by any current web browser. Just select the "Open..." option on the main menu and select the "*.*" document format and open your presentation file. This makes our presentation document format the most compatible with all systems and computers.

Using a compatible document format to play nice with everybody

If you need to create and exchange MS Word documents(*.doc) as a rule, then there is another way in staying completely compatible with everybody, no matter what software they use. This format is the most compatible document format currently available next to the rich text document format.

Simply save all your documents in MS Word or SSuite WordGraph in the following manner:

Only use RTF documents, Rich Text Format, from SSuite Office!<< Save your documents in this format >>

Word 97-2003 & 6.0/95 - RTF (*.doc)

To simplify this procedure in MS Word, simply go to the "Tools >> Options..." menu item, and under the "Save" tab item, select your default document type as the above mentioned document type. This will ensure that all your documents will stay compatible no matter where you need to use them, either in MS Word or SSuite Office's WordGraph word processor. This procedure may also be used in Word 95 up to Word 2007.

All Excel documents created in SpreadForm One and Accel, are fully compatible with any spreadsheet application that can open and read the Excel file format. Excel files created in Excel itself, are locked to prevent other office suites from being compatible(or is that competing) with MS Office. To open these locked Excel files, follow the steps below.

Please Note! - This procedure cannot be used in Excel 2007 or Excel 2010. Microsoft does not support older formats in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 that are below the standard Office 97. Click here for further details.

Compatibility With MS Excel, Tips and Tricks! - Learn More...

For compatibility with MS Excel, use the following method:

To make a Single Excel 97(or Higher >> 2003) worksheet compatible with SSuite Office's spreadsheet applications, follow these steps:

  1. Save your active Excel 97(or Higher - 2003) Worksheet as an Excel 4 Worksheet.
  2. Immediately save the same worksheet as an Excel Workbook, using the "Save As" function,  with a different name as the worksheet.
  3. You can now open your Excel 4 worksheet in SpreadForm One or Accel as an Excel spreadsheet.

Please Note - For further information, see the help file under "File Handling"...

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