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Creating the ultimate web surfing experience with our new internet browser...

Experience the fastest and easiest way to surf the world wide web!September 3, 2022

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How to surf the internet with style and speed, without BigTech watching...

It has recently come to light that Google is employing ex-CIA agents to help with their data collecting and information gathering on their users. This is a major concern for anybody using any of their services or products. This is also part why we created our own browser that runs directly of the WebView2 runtime control. This ensures no tracking, information collection, or any other data leaks on your browsing habits from BigTech.

SSuite NetSurfer also blocks social media and website tracking from websites that you visit, but individual cookie blocking is also available for the more paranoid out there. Just open the website in a separate popup window by clicking on the "Window" button that can be found on the left-hand side of the main toolbar. After the website has opened in the new popup window, click on the small lock icon next to the address bar to change your security preferences.

We have also added a “Private Mode” browsing function to ensure complete protection against personal data collection and tracking across website surfing. You will be completely safe from anyone trying to track and collect your personal browsing data.

You may have already noticed that we have a visual indicator on the URL link of any website that you visit. It displays green(https://) on secure websites and red(http://) when the connection is not encrypted or secure, and when opening a local file from your hard drive, it will display blue(file://).

Image embedded and inserted by SSuite Office Fandango Desktop EditorSSuite Demo Video

SSuite NetSurfer Browser -- Demo Video - Watch Now! { 2:14 min }
SSuite NetSurfer Media-Player -- Demo Video - Watch Now! { 1:15 min }

Since we are only using the WebView2 runtime control, NetSurfer runs without any overhead; like URL click tracking, link filtering, or personal data collection. When you start NetSurfer or open a new tab, the browser will navigate directly to your chosen homepage, which can be set from a selection of our best web apps on the settings dialog window, unlike some other browsers which will send you to their fixed built-in homepage filled with paid advertising which you cannot change or delete!

By using Edge's WebView2 runtime control in standalone mode, we are able to provide you with the fastest browsing speed ever. Our browser is currently one of the fastest browsers on the net. We have tested our browser with at least three websites that benchmark browser performance.

Here are our test results:

All tests were done on Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit with all applications closed with NetSurfer v104.0.1293.70 running.

Here are the benchmark test engines:

Read more here to see how the major web browsers did in their speed tests. Test NetSurfer for yourself or test your own favourite browser to see which is the fastest!

These are the shortcut keys for our browser...


Open New Tab
Close a Tab


Double-Click on Any Existing Tab
Hover Mouse Over Tab and Click on Close Button
Find on PageCtrl + F
Find NextCtrl + G
Find PreviousCtrl + Shift + G
PrintCtrl + P
Refresh From CacheCtrl + R, F5, Reload Key
Refresh From ServerCtrl + Shift + R,  Ctrl + F5,  Shift + F5,  Ctrl + Refresh,  Shift + Refresh
Zoom OutCtrl + -
Zoom InCtrl + +
Reset Zoom
Zooming In and Out
Ctrl + 0
Ctlr + Scroll Mouse Wheel Up or Down
Find NextF3
Find PreviousShift + F3
BackAlt + Left, Browser Back Key
ForwardAlt + Right, Browser Forward Key
PrintCtrl + P
Open / Close DevToolsCtrl + Shift + I
Open DevTools ConsoleCtrl + Shift + J
Open DevTools InspectCtrl + Shift + C

Image embedded and inserted by SSuite Office Fandango Desktop Editor

The WebView2 runtime control does not support Extensions, this is due to security concerns. By default, WebView2 is evergreen and receives automatic updates to help you stay on the latest and most secure surfing platform. The WebView2 runtime control is Chromium-based for best performance and security. Rely on an up-to-date version of Chromium with regular platform updates and security patches.

Google Authentication

Google has disabled Google Authentication in embedded webviews, which includes WebView2, due to a security policy they have set. This was done because they are unable to track users when using the WebView2 runtime control on their platform. This all means that you will be unable to login to your Google account, if you are crazy enough to have one!

We are still the ONLY software company in the world that does not require a "Login Prompt" or "Account Registration" for you to use our free Progressive Web Applications or desktop software without being feature restricted or functionally limited. All our online apps and games are FULL free editions...

Our online software also does NOT run in the Cloud, but directly inside your browser!

...Your online safety and privacy are absolutely guaranteed!

.:. SSuite NetSurfer Browser .:.

...Go Online and enjoy complete productivity freedom...